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Privacy Policy, Patient Policy And Recall/reminders

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Privacy In Australia

One of the most important aspects of any practice is the management and storage of patient information. The ‘Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000‘ sets standards for the way in which private sector organisations collect, use and disclose information about individuals.

From March 2014, the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) detail these standards. These APP’s replace the National Privacy Principles, and govern the collection and production of personal information.

There are five components of the Australian Privacy Principles;

  1. Management of personal information in an open and transparent manner
  2. Dealing with unsolicited information
  3. Use and disclosure of information and government related identifiers
  4. Integrity, quality and security of personal information
  5. Access to and ability to correct personal information

Part A - Purpose & Context

Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre (BRMC) is committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information affiliated with the Health Service’s business undertakings.

Our practice follows the terms and conditions of privacy and confidentiality in accordance to the Australian Privacy Principles as per schedule 1 of the ‘Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth), forming part of the Privacy Act 1988’.

The purpose of this privacy policy is the clearly communicate how our practice collects and manages personal information.

If you have any queries regarding the handling of your personal information, you can contact our Practice manager, Vanessa Pearson.

Part B - Australian Privacy Principles

As a private sector health service provider and under permitted health situations, Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre is required to comply with the APPs as prescribed under the Act.

The APPs regulate how our practice may collect, use, disclose and store personal information and how individuals, including our patients may

  • Address beaches of the APPs by our practice
  • Access their own personal information; and
  • Correct their own personal information

In order to provide patients with adequate health care services, Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre will needs to collect and use personal information. It is important to be aware that if the patients provide incomplete or inadequate information or the patient withholds personal information, our practice may not be able to provide the patient with the services they are requesting or requiring.

Part C - Types of Personal Information

Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre collects information from each patient that is necessary to provide the patient with adequate health care services. This may include collecting information about a patients health history, family history, ethnic background or current lifestyle. We gather this information to assist in the care, diagnoses and treatment of each patient.

Part D - Collection & Retention

This information will, in most circumstances, be collected directly from the patient through, but not limited to the following mediums;

  • Our practices patient consent form
  • Medical treatment form
  • Face to face consultation

In other circumstances, our practice may needs to collect personal information about a patient from a third party source. This may include gathering information from a relative or other health care providers.

This will only occur if the patient has provided consent for us to do so or if it is not reasonable or practicable for us to collect this information from the patient directly (eg. if emergency treatment is needed).

Part E - Purpose of Collection, Use and Disclosure

The Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre only uses patients personal information for the purposes they have provided the information for unless one of the following applies;

  • The patient has consented for our practice to use their information for an alternative purpose
  • The disclosure of the patients information by BRMC is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of criminal law, or a law imposing a penalty or sanction, or for the protection of others
  • The disclosure of the patients information by BRMC will prevent or lessen serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health, or
  • BRMC is requires or authorised by law to disclose the patients information for another purpose

Health professionals to provide treatment

During the patient’s treatment of the Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre, they may be referred to specialist treatments (pathology, radiology, etc.) where BRMC staff may consult with senior medical experts when determining a patients diagnosis or treatment.

The health service’s staff may also refer the patient to other health service providers for further treatment during and following the patients admission. These health professionals will be designated; health service providers appointed to use the patients health information to improve the quality of care and treatment. Please note that this process will be conducted whilst maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the patients personal information.

Alternative health services

At any point a patient wishes to be treated by an alternative medical practitioner or health care service that requires access to their personal or health information, BRMC requires written authorisation to state that the patient will be utilising alternative health services have consented for a transfer or personal and health records.

Other third parties

Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre may provide the patient’s personal information regarding condition, treatment to additional third parties, which may include; parents, children, carers/ guardians or a person exercising a patients power of attorney.

Where information is relevant or reasonable to be provided to third parties, written consent from the patient is required.

Additionally, the patient may, at any time, wish to disclose that no third party are able to access or be informed about their personal information or circumstances.

Other uses of personal information

In order to provide the best possible environment to treat patients, Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre may also use personal or health records where necessary for;

  • Activities such as quality assurance processes, accreditation, audits, risk and claims management, patient satisfaction surveys and staff education
  • Invoicing, billing and account management
  • to liaise wit ha patients health fund, Medicare, or the Department of veterans Affairs
  • The purpose of complying with any applicable laws, subpoenas, or compulsory reporting to state or federal authorities

If at any point, for the aforementioned reasons, our practice uses or discloses any personal or health information in accordance with the APPs, our practice will provide written notice for the patients consent for use and disclosure.

Part F - Access and Changes to Personal Information

If an individual patient reasonably requests access to their personal information for the purpose of changing the information, they must engage with our practice manager.

Once an individual requests access to their personal information, BRMC will respond within a reasonable amount of time to provide the information.

All personal information will be updated in accordance to any changes to a patients personal circumstances brought to our attention. All changes to personal information will be subject to patients consent and acknowledgement.

Part G - Complaints Handling

Patients can make a complaint if they feel their privacy has been breached. In Queensland, you can direct a complain to;

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Ph. 1300 363 992

Office of the Information Commissioner
Queensland – Ph. 07 3234 7373

Part H - Personal Information and Overseas Recipients

Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre does not engage with any overseas healthcare entities, with which personal or health information would be transferred, appointed and disclosed.

Overseas healthcare entities are subject to the legislative requirements such as stipulated by the APPs.

Part I - Disposal of Personal and Health Information

If the Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre receives any unsolicited personal information that is not deemed appropriate for the permitted health situation, BRMC will reasonably de-identify and dispose of the information accordingly.

Part J - Access to Policy

Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre provides free copies of this privacy policy for patients and staff to access. You can find copies on our website and on request from our practice.

Part K - Review of Policy

Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre, in accordance with any legislative change, will review terms and conditions of this policy the ensure all content is both accurate and up to date.

Notification of any additional reviews or alterations of this policy will be provided to patients and staff within 2 weeks. if change does occur, patients and staff are required by the practice to review/ sign/ acknowledge in writing, this policy change.

Please find attached our Patient Privacy Policy for your reference. Privacy Policy

Patient Privacy

When receiving results over the phone, we will always ask you your full name and another TWO individual identifiers to ensure we are speaking to the correct patient.

We will do this every time we speak with you over the phone regarding results or any other health information you require.

We also WILL NOT provide personal or health information to a person other than yourself, on your behalf. You can not call up for your spouse or child under 16 years of age, regardless of whether you were in the initial appointment with them or if you paid for the consultation.

Recall and Reminders

Recall − A recall occurs when a patient needs to attend the practice, usually in the instance of an abnormal test result

Reminder − A reminder is an offer to provide patients with systematic preventative care, which may be for, health care plans, blood tests, cervical screening and immunisations.

Our practice’s system for the follow up of tests, results and referrals has a strong focus on risk management. Please ask our team for any further information on Bardon Rainworth Medical Centre’s recall and reminder policy.